‘Jackie’ Review!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ elegance lives on through Natalie Portman in the new biography film, Jackie. Portman never fails to amaze her audience. She is always so dedicated to her roles and she fully immerses herself into whatever she does.

The film itself was beautifully shot and really captures the era’s style and the emotion surrounding the JFK assassination. Natalie Portman did an amazing job understanding and portraying Jackie’s raw emotions, whether it was anger, confusion, or devastation. Before this film, I didn’t know too much about what happened and it inspired me to do some more research about the horrible event.



The movie has a sort of non-linear format where it starts with Jackie giving an interview months after her husband’s assassination, to a flashback of the days immediately after the tragedy, to even further back when she was filming a tour of the White House. The entire film is like this but it was easy to follow. There were some scenes that were so real and intense with emotion that they were almost hard to watch and I found myself wanting to fast forward (but I didn’t). That’s how you know it’s good acting!

After watching Jackie, I found a link to watch the real Jackie Kennedy giving the famous tour of the White House because I was intrigued. At some points, Jackie was giving a voice over and I kept forgetting that it was really her and not Natalie Portman’s voice (that’s how spot on her accent was!!!). I admire Natalie’s dedication and keenness to get it right.




Louis C.K.’s web series, ‘Horace and Pete’ comes to an end

Louis C.K. created, wrote, produced and starred in a web series called Horace and Pete that is exclusively available on his website for purchase. He ended the show without any warning to its fans until after the final episode was released. The season has ten episodes, which, now that the show has ended, can be purchased for $31. When the episodes were being released, the pilot was $5, the second episode was $2, and the rest were $3. Louis C.K. said that each episode costed $500,000, which has not yet been paid off from purchases. The show co-starred Steve Buscemi and had guest stars like Edie Falco, Jessica Lange, Aidy Bryant, Nina Arianda, and Alan Alda. Even with the wide variety of stars and big names on the credits, the comedian chose not to do any type of promotion for his show, which is highly unusual. He did say that now that the show has ended, he is dying to talk about it (and hopes that by the end of the summer, the show will pay itself off).

I watched the first episode of the show (I found out about it from one of my professors). From what I saw, it looked as though it was filmed like a stage production. In other words, they were very long takes and almost no cuts; the camera would just follow the actors around on the set. What Louis did was an interesting experiment for himself. It does not really prove much for the rest of the industry because there are probably very few actors who would have a successful show just by posting it on their website without any type of promotion, not even a single tweet. The material in each episode was very topical at the time it was released, which shows that it was filmed very recently. There would be a television on in the background showing Donald Trump saying something he said two days before the episode was released. I do plan on watching the rest of the show because it is unique and and refreshing, as it is not a traditional, formulaic series. It is funny, yet every time I laughed, I also questioned whether that line was supposed to be humorous. It was uncomfortable, in a way, which made it that much more enjoyable and desirable to watch. As Louis C.K. said in a press release to fans, Take your time watching it. Give it time. It doesn’t really follow any rhythms that you’re used to. So watch that one and wait a week and think about it.”


Original Article: http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/louis-ck-horace-and-pete-ends-1201755083/