‘Jackie’ Review!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ elegance lives on through Natalie Portman in the new biography film, Jackie. Portman never fails to amaze her audience. She is always so dedicated to her roles and she fully immerses herself into whatever she does.

The film itself was beautifully shot and really captures the era’s style and the emotion surrounding the JFK assassination. Natalie Portman did an amazing job understanding and portraying Jackie’s raw emotions, whether it was anger, confusion, or devastation. Before this film, I didn’t know too much about what happened and it inspired me to do some more research about the horrible event.



The movie has a sort of non-linear format where it starts with Jackie giving an interview months after her husband’s assassination, to a flashback of the days immediately after the tragedy, to even further back when she was filming a tour of the White House. The entire film is like this but it was easy to follow. There were some scenes that were so real and intense with emotion that they were almost hard to watch and I found myself wanting to fast forward (but I didn’t). That’s how you know it’s good acting!

After watching Jackie, I found a link to watch the real Jackie Kennedy giving the famous tour of the White House because I was intrigued. At some points, Jackie was giving a voice over and I kept forgetting that it was really her and not Natalie Portman’s voice (that’s how spot on her accent was!!!). I admire Natalie’s dedication and keenness to get it right.




‘La La Land’ Review!


Let me start by saying I have been listening to the La La Land soundtrack non-stop ever since I saw it two weeks ago and I am obsessed. I absolutely LOVED the movie. With that being said, I cannot believe it got 14 Academy Award nominations! I do think they deserve it, but I just can’t imagine it up against the more serious films.

Set in the present day, the musical is about two people who are trying to make it in Hollywood, one pursuing an acting career, one pursuing a music career. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling each delivered heartfelt performances. They immersed themselves into their roles and really became Mia and Sebastian. I particularly enjoyed J.K. Simmons’ cameo because I think he is amazing in everything he does. I also loved the cinematography and the montages (I personally think there aren’t enough montages in modern day films). There is honestly nothing bad I can say about La La Land (yes, I was okay with the ending because I knew they were happy and got what they wanted. I mean, let’s be real, we knew they weren’t going to end up together because they each wanted very different things and they had to let go of each other in order to throw themselves into their work).

La La Land (2016)
Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone)

I appreciated that there weren’t many characters to worry about. They didn’t inform us about some of the cast from the beginning but I didn’t find myself asking questions like, “did Mia move out of her apartment?” or “did the roommates get what they wanted?” because it was irrelevant. The writers and director did a great job of sticking to the two main storylines.

I think that they even got away with the planetarium scene because it is a musical and anything can happen in musical! The dance, music, and pure joy of the film was truly contagious and it made me wish it was real life.