‘The Couple Next Door’ Review

(No spoilers!)

I recently finished The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena (it took me three days). It is a fast-paced mystery/crime/thriller novel. It was an easy read that kept me on my toes and anxious to flip the page. It had so many twists that somehow all tied together in the end.

The book is about a couple who goes to a dinner party at their neighbor’s house (their houses are attached in a town house style) but decide to leave their infant at home and bring the baby monitor with them and agree to check on her every 30 minutes. At the end of the night, they return home and find the baby’s crib empty. The rest of the book is about trying to find who was responsible for this and why.

I loved the book because Lapena really dove into each character and made the readers understand the intentions of each person. She makes you sympathize with every character. It is a little slow in the beginning after they realize the baby is gone, but once you get a few chapters into the investigation, it really picks up. It is intriguing up until the very last page (literally the last page). Without giving anything away, I have to applaud the author for not making this a fairy tale ending. Though you do wonder if this would happen in reality, it goes to show that nobody’s perfect and not everything has a happy ending.

It is a story of poor communication between loved ones that tests everyone’s relationships.

Overall, I would definitely highly recommend this book!