Apple Announces Two New Products

As many of you may have already heard, Apple announced two new products set to be released in a couple weeks. This is highly unusual of the company because they usually launch their latest technology in the month of September. There is the iPhone SE, which is the same size as the iPhone 5 but with all the technological features of the newest phone, and there is the 9.7 inch iPad Pro (which is a little bigger than the iPad Mini). The latter weighs under one pound and it is targeted to those who are seeking to replace their old Windows PC laptops. Additionally, this new product is $200 cheaper than the 12.7 inch iPad Pro, which was released in September.

Those who recently got a new Android or a Windows-based computer probably will not even look into these new products. However, those who currently own a four or five year old computer or phone who are ready to purchase a new device, might consider these new options. This announcement has the potential to revive Apple’s popularity and increase the number of people who are loyal to Apple. It will attract those who are loyal to Windows to buy an Apple device because it is cheaper than any other new product they have come out with. If there is a chance for Windows users to make the transition to Apple, this is the time to do it because the new iPad Pro is lighter and more portable. Of course, it is also faster and has a better camera quality since it is the newest Apple product.

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NYC converts old pay-phones into Wi-Fi hotspots

When was the last time you used a pay-phone (if ever)? When was the last time you even saw someone using a pay-phone? I don’t think I’ve ever used a payphone and I don’t remember the last time I saw someone use one. Everyone has cell phones and almost everyone has a smartphone. The only thing us smartphone users are concerned about is free Wi-Fi and low battery.

Mayor Bill De Blasio has a plan to convert thousands of the old New York City payphones into free Wi-Fi hotspot kiosks. There are already a number of phones that are operating on Third Avenue. The program is called LinkNYC and it is fully funded by CityBridge. The hotspots are supposed to be faster than any other free Wi-Fi network around the country with speed of up to one gigabyte per second. “LinkNYC is the Wi-Fi network New Yorkers deserve: the largest, fastest municipal Wi-Fi network in the world – and you won’t need to insert a quarter in the slot, because it’s completely free,” says Mayor De Blasio. They are planning on having 500 of these kiosks in the five boroughs by the end of July. These kiosks will have two USB charging ports, free Wi-Fi within a 150-foot radius, and an emergency 911 button.

This looks like an amazing launch that will push the city towards a new age of innovation and rejuvenation. This will allow everyone to use Wi-Fi out on the streets in New York, rather than having to go into a McDonald’s or a Starbucks to connect (and being forced to spend money on drinks and food you don’t want). Besides the Wi-Fi, the USB charging ports are a great addition because I, for one, always find myself on low battery whenever I am in the city. The best part of it is that it is free and it will generate revenue for the City of New York  through advertisements on the kiosks. This seems exciting and I look forward to using this new technology.