Panic! In My Mind

When I want to address a song by Panic! At The Disco, but I don’t want to use their full name, I’m always addled by the question that comes to mind. Say I want to refer to a song on their new album, Death of a Bachelor; which of the following would be correct?

  1. Panic’s new song
  2. Panic!’s new song
  3. Panic’s! new song

Please help me out as this is a serious crisis.

London Dreamin’…

Ever since I was little, it has been my dream to study abroad in London. Since then, my yearning has not faded away. I already have a list of things I want to do when I go to London (including venturing out into the many smaller towns and cities around England). I’m super excited to be an ultimate tourist and go to all the beautiful cathedrals and palaces that have been there for centuries.

I simply cannot wait to visit what I already know will be one of my favorite cities.

(I enjoy tormenting myself by looking up pictures and things to do in England.)


In December, my friend and I had to eat sweetbreads for an extra credit assignment for one of my classes. If you don’t already know, sweetbreads are the thymus or pancreas of a lamb or a calf. For the assignment, my professor suggested a restaurant, Prune, which is in downtown New York, so we went there. The sweetbreads were surprisingly really good and flavorful! If you’re ever looking to try something new and you’re in the area, I really recommend going to Prune! If you’re going to get the sweetbreads, I suggest getting an appetizer to share because the plates are fairly small. Also, make a reservation because the restaurant is not very spacious and it’s very popular.